Monday, October 25, 2010

Whether or not I believe it....babies DO eventually come out!

I've been walking around in a constant state of denial.

Did you know that when you are pregnant, the baby HAS to come out at some point? Well...newsflash, THEY DO.

I don't think it seemed so real until I was informed that my doctors would like me to be induced at 39 weeks, which would be December 10. I panicked. Oh, outwardly I maintained my composure, but inside I was FLIPPING OUT.

There was an attractive quality about "not knowing" when he'd be, it was almost not real. My original due date was December 17th, but everyone knows babies don't come on their due date! I KNOW when he's coming. And that's the LATEST he will be coming! I could go into spontaneous labor BEFORE December 10th!

And that a mere 6 weeks and 4 days...I will be a mom. Unless of course my son decides to grace us with his presence before then.

I guess part of the reason they want to induce is so all the specialists can be present. I don't know why....he's not having surgery until the Spring. But another reason they want to induce is because he's a lard ass. Danny likes to gleefully remind me: "Babe! I was a 10 pound baby!! That means Avery's going to be HUGE!" And he says this like it's a wonderful thing.

I like to glare and give him the evil eye.

Here's how I feel about giving birth.
1.) I don't want to do it.
2.) Being induced scares me.
3.) Spontaneous birth scares me.
4.) C-Sections scare me.
5.) Epidurals scare me.
6.) Labor in general scares me.

Besides that, I'm mentally prepared, so that's good.

Ready or he comes!

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