Monday, June 20, 2011

Simple Joy...

How exactly do nearly 7 months pass so quickly? Last time I updated my blog I was knee-high in baby poop. Wait...I guess some things never change.

But that's completely untrue, because SO many things have changed!

Instead of being a little burrito that lays around and does nothing, Avery is now mobile. He's crawling and standing. Seems my son is an overachiever like his dad. Not like me, who has always been a total under-achiever. When his report card says "Disruptive, talkative in class" will be when I know he took after me.

It's amazing how fast a day can pass when all I do is feed, change and play with my baby. It's also amazing how much joy those simple things add to my life.

Life is the best right now. I'm my happiest in my yoga pants, Steelers t-shirt, low ponytail and Avery on my hip. I love seeing my son change every day. I love making his baby food. I love seeing his little bird mouth open in anticipation for his yummy apples and cinnamon that I made, just for him. I love seeing his fat little feet and chubby legs wobbling when he pulls himself up to stand. I love picking him up after a nap. He burrows his baby head in my chest and his fuzzy hair grazes my lips. I love breathing in his sweet scent; a mixture of baby lotion, leftover breakfast and a little milk. I love when his roly-poly arms and hands reach out for me. I love when he flashes me his toothless grin and shrieks like a pteryadactol. I love holding him close and feeling the warmth of his little body when I nurse him.

I guess I could go back to work and have a lot more extra money for vacations, a nicer vehicle, a tummy tuck and a boob job.

But as I was told a long time ago...."The best things in life aren't things."