Sunday, November 14, 2010

Me on a Warpath...look out!

Man, I was in a crappy mood yesterday.

Everything annoyed me. Even my sweet pug, Lola was on my last nerve. She never annoys me. Danny, however, is another story. Anyway, Lola was constantly under my feet yesterday, following me everywhere...I was making dinner and she was at the stove, snorting, licking the floor, pudging around and I could NOT take it anymore. I yelled "get in your box!" and I slammed her crate's door shut. She looked up at me with huge, doey brown eyes and jumped back when I slammed the door shut. I've never seen such shock in her eyes before.

I did not care.

I just felt so irritated at everything. Irritated, annoyed, know, a real joy to be around.

Danny made it worse by laughing at me. I found this even more infurtiating.

He decided to take Lola for a run after dinner, and I decided I needed to unwind and take a bath. Taking a bath is very difficult when you have nearly 10 pounds strapped to your waist. I relaxed as much as I could and decided to reflect on my piss-poor mood and figure out what my problem was.

It wasn't really Lola's fault, it wasn't really Danny's fault. Well, it kinda is because he's the one who did this to me. But in reality, no, it's not really his fault.

It hit me that I have major cabin fever, but at the same time, don't feel well enough to go anywhere. So, my question is...if I don't feel like being home, but I don't feel good enough to go anywhere, what do I do? I only work 8 or so hours a week, so the rest of the time, I am stuck here.

I felt a little better after I figured out what was bothering me. Lola came back from her run with Danny much more calm, relaxed and less annoying. Things were OK again.

We went to church this morning, so I feel like I got out of the house, and that helped my mood, too.

I'm decorating for Christmas, so I feel generally more cheerful. I can't be surly when I'm putting up garland and stockings and the tree.

And...decorating for Christmas means my son will be here very soon. My sweet, baby...the little chunk I can feel moving in my belly will finally be in my arms by Christmas Day. He will be home...laying on this very couch, snuggling with my pug dog, next to the cozy fire. I can't wait to nuzzle his soft, chubby cheeks and smell his sweet baby smell.

Cabin fever or not, how can I be in a bad mood when I have that to look forward to?

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  1. Aww you poor thing! Why don't you call me or text I'd be happy to come visit you! :)