Thursday, February 23, 2012


My last blog was in June 2011. In case you were wondering....yes, my life is busy.

It's the perfect kind of busy. The sort of busy where I lay in bed at the end of the day, snuggled in my downy comforter, and feel a sort of contentment and fulfillment I've never known.

The day always starts like this: I awake to the sweet sounds of my babbling baby boy in the room across the hall. Waking to his chatter is far better than any other alarm clock I've ever had in the past. I open the door to his room, and his sunny smile makes my heart burst with love.

We spend every day playing, laughing, and loving. There is definitely some wrestling and arguing intermingled in there....but all in all, it's perfect.

Sometimes I remember the old me. The me that had never experienced being a mother. And I really don't think I was ever alive. I don't believe that anyone can ever really live until they've seen their mini-me in flesh.

When Avery is wearing his toothy grin, smiling from ear to ear, squealing with delight, and running into my outstretched when I know that I could die happy.

He loves to eat. He loves Elmo. His feet already stink. He hates having his teeth brushed. He begs worse than Lola. He throws epic tantrums when I tell him "no" that last about .32565 seconds. He knows that putting on his tennis shoes means that we're about to go somewhere exciting. Nothing makes him happier than a warm lap and a stack of books. He loves music and dancing. Lola is his best friend. So much so that he said "Lola" before "momma." He gets grumpy when hungry, just like his Daddy. He hooks his feet on his high chair. He is all boy and quite a daredevil. He has 8 teeth. He grabs my finger so I'll feel his "Touch and Feel" books because that's what I taught him. He has the longest, blackest, thickest, curliest eyelashes, ever. I'm super jealous. His hair still grows straight up to the sky, like dandelion fuzz. He gives Teddy hugs and kisses on command, but not momma.

Life is perfect. Life is simple. He is perfect. I am happy. For you non-parents out there....try having a child. It's pretty freakin' amazing.

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